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Beat the slowdown blues, through efficient customer service October 20, 2008

Posted by Arup Deb in Marketing & Sales.
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Sounds absurd, is’nt it? But, what if I say that rather than anything else, it may be very much a necessity, to sustain in the impending slow down. How many organizations have even given a thought into this regard? I have a very strong point to prove it.

Recently, I had gone through a tough time in retrieving a copy of my health policy that I had bought from an insurance company that supposedly has a high pedigree. I had made numerous calls to their call centre for the resolution to my problem, however every time the promises made were blatantly violated, caring the least for the customer. Even email messages went unacknowledged and eventually the one reply that I got, made no effort in resolving the issue. A company that belongs to one of the biggest business groups in India and its founder, who figures among the top 10 richest persons in the world, can have such pathetic customer service approach. And, even then people flock to their offices for doing business with them and make them even wealthier. But, not any more. In the tough economic scenario, there would still be lots and lots of business opportunities, but unfortunately it will be restricted to only those entities, who can treat their customers with dignity and provide efficient service.

Going forward, with my case, I had to write a strong mail to the President & CEO of the company, literally asking him to rise up to the challenge of proving that his organization is not as bad in providing customer service, as his people down below him, have made it to be. The saving grace was that the CEO’s office swung into action on the very same day and the soft copy of the policy was served to me through mail. The chief executive probably understood the importance of good customer service and probably also cared for the image of the company. Hence, the quick response.

Well, organizations have been investing tons of money to implement enterprise wide solutions for, automating the functional areas and lot of them are also investing heavily on state-of-the-art CRM solutions, but how many companies have integrated these systems with their respective corporate objectives, in true sense. It seems for many companies it becomes more of a routine rigmarole, rather than a sincere endeavour for bringing efficiency, into the way the end customer is served. Companies may be wying with each other to offer best experiences to their customers, by way of value offers, discounts, loyalty bonuses and what not, but seriously speaking all that would go in vain if they are not able to do the basic things for their customers. The employees across the board need to be sensitized, about the importance of good customer service and the benefits that the resultant customer delight can bring to the organization. After all happy customers would ensure smooth sailing for a business for all times to come.